The clown wakes up, gets up. He struggles to get up, but a few cat stretches shakes off the lethargy. He zips his suit, paints his face. The clown then grabs his heavy trunk filled with the silliest tricks and sweetest tricks. More importantly, it’s filled with happiness. Or at least that’s what I think it is. He proceeds to drag his trunk with the handle provided. Did I mention it was heavy?

Thank goodness for wheels.

No car for this clown. Clowning is certainly not for those who seek such indulgences. This clown walks all the way to the party. 10 miles. This clown walks. Or takes the bus. Or maybe a cab if the previous gig tipped extra.

And there he is. He hears the children screaming, laughing. Not for him, of course. He just got there. They haven’t seen him yet. Must be a dog. Or a water gun. Or water guns. Wait. No. This time around, it could just be a game of tag.

Our clown knocks on the door. RAP! RAP! “I’ll get it! Oh finally you’re here! Hey kids, look who’s here?!” The door swings open, “Hey! Hey! Hey Kids! It’s me! S…” You could barely hear the clown’s name be said with all the shrieking. The kids go berserk. Have you ever met Jesus in real life? No? Too bad. That’s what these kids are feeling like right now.

Pandemonium! The clown plops his trunk on his stage, which is usually some open space in the backyard or living room. He opens it and brings out uninflated balloons. Huff! Puff! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! A dog! More tricks here and there. Confetti all over! Pie on face! A joke here, some slapstick there.

Of course, not all goes well. Sometimes there’s that really annoying kid. The one you usually hate. But can we blame the little tyke? Certainly not! We blame the parents! Spoiling that child, who, by the way, just gave our clown a kick to the shin. The kid laughs, thinking nothing is wrong with having a little fun. Besides, clowns get hurt all the time right?

The clown winces, but you can’t really tell coz there’s a smile painted on his face. He rubs his shin for a bit, and gives the kid a giraffe. Yes, an actual giraffe. Yes, I’m kidding. It’s a balloon giraffe. A giraffe wouldn’t fit in the trunk.

The show goes on. The kids laugh, stare at amazement. By the end of the show, they all clap, children and adults. But wait! He’s not done yet. He has one last surprise. He opens his trunk one last time and pulls out… some glowing cube, no bigger than your usual children’s blocks. He hands them out to everyone, children and adults. A sense of comfort fills them as they receive these little treats.

Ah! Payment! Few bills here and that’s it. No extra tip. The parents apologize, they did not have any cash with them. The clown smiles and says thank you nonetheless. But the clown does get to eat some of the cake. The cake looks this time around. Yum!

Sometimes, the adults are usually quite old and no one seems interesting to the clown, but once in a while, someone does catch his eye. A lady, who, given a clown’s deduction through observation, has no one “significant other”. He gathers the courage to talk to her and they hit it off. Some witty comment here, a funny story there.

Just as our clown-turned-casanova is about to ask for her number, a latecomer arrives and drapes his arm over her shoulder. Introductions here and there. Hopes washed away. Oh and look! He has quirky anecdotes and everyone loves him. A funny guy! Of course, not all funny guys are clowns. Then again, not all clowns are funny.

And that’s our clown’s cue to leave. He packs up and exits unnoticed. No tip, no cab. It’s walking time. Or bus. There’s still the bus. That said, carrying a trunk full of balloons, spray bottles, horns and blocks of glowing… stuff… is no fun even with the bus ride. But those are the breaks.

He gets home, wipes the paint, unzips the suit. Wait. What’s this a message on his answering machine. “Hey you there? Anyway, I got you another gig. Rich kid’s birthday party. Lots of people, and I’m guessing there’s gonna be some good tipping.”

The clown smiles, opens his trunk, opens his chest. He takes out a block from his chest, one at a time and places it in the trunk. He closes his chest, closes his trunk and goes to bed. Simple life, simple smiles. This must be great!



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