Tall Tara Versus The Sinister Speaker Siblings


Our most endearing heroine, Tall Tara, covered her ears in hopes of ending the pain of the awful music that defiled her aural senses. She could not concentrate on her work; the sound drove her quite batty. Despite the door to her room being closed, the noise resonated loudly as if the source sat right beside her. There were deadlines to be met! Something must done!

I know what you, dear readers, are thinking: ‘What does Tall Tara do for a living?’ The answer is quite simple: she is a Tallicity Analysis Expert, in short, a T.A.E. Tallicity is the study of being tall, which has been deemed ‘the greatest scientific field to be created since quantum mechanics’ by pundits.

Now, where were we? Ah yes! Deadline!

The deadline must be met by Tall Tara! With that in mind, she stood up and marched towards the source of the music blaring, invading her senses. The madness needed to end for all life depended on it!

Well, not really… BUT THERE WAS A DEADLINE!

She opened the door and marched down the hallway of the apartment (Yes! Tall Tara lives in an apartment! Aren’t you glad that you are getting to know more about her?) The music came from the room at the end of the hallway. As every step brought her closer, the sound became more and more unbearable. “I do not understand why anyone would want to listen to this awful crap!”

Oh, you’re curious as to what kind of music was being played by the villainous villain, I see. Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination. After all, we all have differing musical tastes. However, here are some suggestions in case you are unable to come up with any:

Afroman – Because I Got High

Oscar G & Ralph Falcon – Dark Beat

Crazy Town – Butterfly

Anything by Eiffel 65

I understand that there are more contemporary and obvious choices. You can use those as well. And if anyone uses M2M, I’ll kill you. M2M’s awesome.

Tall Tara reached the entrance to the room. The music was, at this point, quite unbearable. Our heroine felt that she had suffered long enough and that the evil emanating from the other side of the door had to be sent back to Satan himself. Tall Tara clenched her fist and began knocking loudly which she realized was futile given that the music drowned the sound of her fist banging wood. She took a step back and kicked the door down.

There they stood, staring at Tall Tara with an evil grin… THE SINISTER SPEAKER SIBLINGS! And yes, they are speakers with faces. The villains brimmed with confidence as they had caught Tall Tara off-guard and felt that they had the upper hand. In that instance, they raised the volume to the most extreme levels, prompting the already deafening music to become lethal.

She attempted to get closer, but the vibrations were too much and Tall Tara’s ears were nearing their threshold. The gods of battle seemed to have sided with the Sinister ones. “Our” “Victory” “Is” “At hand” “Tall” “Tara” said the siblings alternately.

Little did they know, of course, that Tall Tara knew that the battle would end to her favor. In fact, Tall Tara was simply being merciful for her triumph would result in death. Their death. As the siblings screamed louder, it was time for Tall Tara to unleash her killing blow.

It ended in a flash. The Sinister Speaker Siblings had suddenly exploded. While their casings remained in tact, their speaker cones were severely damaged causing systemic damage to their internals. Inner wiring sparked madly, loosened connections and all. Tall Tara walked over to their defeated bodies writhing in pain.

…H-how?” “…W-why?”

“”I was born with de-technologizerism, the ability to destroy technology without even trying. I’m sorry. I did not want to do this but you left me no choice.” Tall Tara stared at them with an unforgiving look. Her eyes spoke to the siblings, blaming the villains for their own deaths, for the blood in her hands, for the guilt.

The siblings spoke.

Do.” “Not.” “Look.” “At us.” “With.” “Those eyes.”

We.” “Won’t.” “Be.” “The last.” “That.” “You’ll.” “Have to.” “Face.”

That will.” “Push.” “You to.” “The edge.” “Of your.” “Humanity.”

She.” “Is.” “Coming.” “Tall one.”

Tall Tara asked, “Who? Who is coming?” but with their spirits hanging by a thread, the Sinister Speaker Siblings could not mouth out the words. However, they began to grin, finding humor in the fate that awaited her.

WHO?!!” deamanded Tall Tara

…T-t-toddler…” “…F-f-faccccceeee…” And with that the siblings faded.

Finally. It was quiet.


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