Suddenly, I was awake. 9:24 a.m. It was strange for me to be up considering I had come from a night of helpless inebriation. Then my phone rang, as if it had been waiting for me to get up before it would actually ring. Rosie. You know, my secretary? She was on the other line, sobbing. Something wasn’t right, obviously. I was about to ask what was wrong when I heard a knock on my door. I told Rosie to stay on the line while I answered the door. It was the sergeant with his face more grimace than usual. He told me what happened to you. I got back to Rosie for a bit and told her that I’d see her in the service.

I began speculating who the perp was. You weren’t exactly everybody’s best friend. Whoever it was, I knew I could get him. That would have been easy for me. You know that I’m one hell of a P.I. Nothing gets by me. Nothing. Dealing with these scumbags that fill this city is part of the job and you know pretty damn well that I’m good at it. I’d probably start at Malloy’s and shake up a few talkers, and work my way from there. O what I would have done to the bastard that did you in. He’d live but I would have made sure he’d never forget what he did to you and what I did to him.

But that wasn’t the case now, was it?

The sarge told me that there was no foul play, no evil conspiracy. Just a hand given to you by fate. You probably got a high ace and tried to bluff your way out of it by going all in. You were on your way home in your Buick. Nice car by the way. Witnesses said you were avoiding another vehicle. You could have dozed off before that. No one really knows for sure. You slammed into another car and that was that. Shame, you had a pretty car but who would have thought it would send you packing? Someone oughta do something about those boxes of death. Cars, I mean.

I remember our last conversation. It was a week ago. We were talking about putting up a new agency, working together as partners. The idea delighted me, of course. You were someone whose intelligence I respected and you probably felt the same way about me. In a town like this, it’s nice to know that respect still means something. I’m pretty sure, not a lot of people would have enjoyed us working together. The coppers came up to me asking for help on the alcohol crackdown, prohibition and all. Said they’d make it worth my while. I heard there was a big shipment of whiskey coming in about 2 weeks and it would have been great if you and I would be the ones to bust it. But now, I guess I’ll have to do it on my own.

I better get dressed.